Just Begin


Six months ago I decided I had too many words for the book I’m writing. There are so many stories within my story. As a writer, I almost never want to give up words. I love each and every one I craft. However, my message was becoming muddy with all the intertwining story lines. Every time I wrote I heard a voice in my head. It was a writer friend from my critique group.

“If you want your story to be about all these details, that is fine.” She would say, “But remember your reader doesn’t need every detail. Sometimes less is more.” (Paraphrased)

Then my story telling son’s voice would join in, “Mom, is that important to the story?”

What was I going to do about all my words?

I thought on this for three months.

Should I work on more than one book at a time? Perhaps a devotional?

Another three months passed and here I am with a blog.

In the past week, since I named and paid for the blog site, I’ve been A MESS!

I feel frozen. How can I do this? Everyone in the whole entire WORLD is going to see my words. What will they think? How will they react? What about my grammar issues!

I had no idea starting a blog would feel so complicated.

Even though I have several blog posts ready to publish, I can’t decide which one should be first. I keep evaluating possible reader responses and contemplating whether or not my target audience will keep reading my blogs. I even had a thought that maybe I should tell my readers what I intend to communicate before the beginning of each post. Hmm, I can’t even find a word for that (bad) idea.

I stalled. I fussed. I drove my blog tech helper crazy. I told myself I could not start until everything was perfect.

There it was! That word. The word which represented the ideal I had been a slave to most of my life. PERFECTION. It crept up on me again, in of all things, a blog where I hoped to help others see beauty in their darkest places.


So, here I go:

Whole Wide World,

Target Audience,


I hope you all stay with me.

Perfection, Leave. Me. Alone. I’m starting no matter what.

Sandy Gruhlke is unveiling beauty.



26 thoughts on “Just Begin

  1. Congratulations Sandy!! I am so excited to be here! I look forward to your words of comfort and reassurance through your stories!
    I still say, you’re AMAZING!!I 😘


  2. I am so proud of you my dear. I know there are so many things you want to share and make people no wait not make HELP PEOPLE understand things in life are just simply life.. good bad and the ugly and some are absolutely not your fault but still have to deal with and learn how to function. I’m excited to continue this journey with you.


  3. “One step at a time, only one step at a time that is the way The Lord will lead us one step at a time, take that one step carefully :walk that one step prayerfully, that is the way to victory, one step at a time ” I’m with you sister…. Hugs!


  4. Sandy, I love this introduction to your writing journey and thiught-sorting adventure. As I continue to read & re-read each, subsequent entry, I will, surely, find more and more valuable content that inspires, soothes, or challenges a mindset or perspective.

    Well done, sister of mine. You rock!!!


    • Buffy! So glad you are here. I miss our SPBC days so much! I wanted to add so much more to the blog this summer but will have to catch up this fall. Hope to have you reading more as well. HUGS old friend!


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