God is not ever silent. 

It is We who fail to see the sound of His Voice.

He speaks Truth in His Word.

He spoke Life through Jesus’ Death and Resurrection.

He speaks in ALL the beauty of our world.

He speaks through People in our path.

He speaks PEACE in the Rain and the Sunshine.

He speaks Strength in the mountains of Colorado and the Oceans at our borders.

He speaks Beyond our pain and suffering, and loss. 

He speaks when He saves a 51 year old Father from a heart attack so he can help his sons in life.

He speaks when He rescues a Mother from cancer.

He speaks when He spares an Only Brother from being killed by a semi truck.

He speaks in the quietness of a young man’s heart who is about to marry a woman who will consume and trap him for the rest of his life.

He speaks when the triathlete inspires other young men to reach for things bigger than themselves.

He speaks through gifted individuals who get fired for no good reason.

He speaks through education, and sermons, books, parents, friends, family.

He speaks through jobs we hate and fading dreams.

He speaks regardless of mistakes and failings, and sin.

He speaks into abandonment and abuse.

He speaks and the wind and waves obey.

He speaks.

And even when we do not listen, He continues to speak His Love.



8 thoughts on “Listen

  1. Beautiful! Such amazing reminders that He speaks to us in the good and the bad, in difficult and peaceful times, through things that happen to us and things that happen around us. Love it.


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